Reviews from our thankful clients
Department of education, youth policy and sports of Amurskiy municipal district, Khabarovsk region, express thanks to 'Far Eastern Project Center' PLC for excellent development of project-estimation documentation for major overhaul of education purpose buildings.
Administration of Luchegorsk settlement, Pozharskiy municipal district, Primorskiy region, express thanks for flawless project of extending our settlement's water pipes and successful passing of state expertise for project documentation.
'Lesprom DV' PLC: '…Far Eastern Project Center always clearly complies with obligations, both in timing and job quality...'
Amur construction company thanks team of Far Eastern Project Center for proficiency and decency.
Khabarovsk city's hospital №11 thanks Far Eastern Project Center for project development of major overhaul for one of their buildings.
Thankful letter from Ina-DV PLC for project development, made in strict compliance with all regulations and their wishes.
Everest PLC remarks our team's individual approach and friendly communication style.
Master-Steel-DV PLC are pleased and looking forward to new projects with us.
Administration of Vyazemskiy settlement, Vyazemskiy municipal district, Khabarovsk region, thanks us for project of improvement of public service object and overhaul of settlement's water pipes.
Alkor PLC remarks strict compliance of our projects with regulation demands.
Universal group PLC recommends us as a reliable partner in completion of technically hard projects.
Thankful letter for reconstruction of embankment in Komsomolsk-na-Amure city.
Award for best project of ice sports palace.
Thankful letter from administration of Nanayskiy municipal district, Khabarovsk region.
Thankful letter from administration of Lazo municipal district, Khabarovsk region.
Polymetal PLC (one of world's largest silver mining companies) views our company as one of potential contractors.