Expert advice: what to pay attention to when choosing a project organization

The market of design organizations is quite saturated, there are both enterprises providing high-quality services and firms working on the principle of "seem, not be".
How to distinguish one from the other and choose a really good project company that will develop a quality project for you?

This is stated in the comments of Nikita Bozhok, General Director of the Far Eastern Project Center:
- The first thing you should pay attention to is the company's work experience: both in quantitative and qualitative terms. The more completed projects are on the account of the company's team and the more diverse they are in terms of purpose, design features, complexity, etc., the more likely it is that you are facing an organization that can effectively solve a variety of project tasks.
Do not hesitate to ask for a "portfolio" of the project company you plan to apply to for services: this way you will be able to pre-evaluate how the competencies of its employees correspond to your tasks.
It is also useful to get acquainted with customer reviews, you can even ask for the contacts of some of them: in a company that is confident in the quality of its services, you will most likely not be refused.
The second aspect is a continuation of the first, it is the personnel of the enterprise. In order to effectively solve design tasks (especially if we are talking about large-scale projects), the company must have a sufficient staff of both engineering specialists and those who perform auxiliary functions in relation to the main activity. And it is better when it will be permanent full-time employees. According to experience, the minimum staff that guarantees the customer high-quality performance of work is from 10 permanent employees. With an increase in the number of projected facilities, of course, the number of staff units should increase.
Of course, it matters not only the number of employees, but also the level of their qualifications, whether the company is engaged in retraining, advanced training.
This information can be seen in social networks, on the Internet resources of the enterprise. If there is one, it's a good sign.
Another aspect that is important when choosing a project organization is the software used, the degree of its legality, and the timeliness of updates. This is very important, since all work is carried out using these tools and if a company uses outdated or illegal software, then this is a big risk of getting errors in calculations, which in some cases may even call into question the implementation of the project.
The fourth aspect, which for some reason many do not pay attention to, is the use or non-use of an integrated approach. This means whether all the work related to the design will be carried out by one company or some of them will have to go somewhere else.
For example, in our company we use an integrated approach, we work on the principle of "one window": we conduct the object, starting from the preliminary design, ending with the author's supervision at the stages of its construction. This approach allows you to effectively solve the customer's tasks, while saving his time and money.
What else should I pay attention to when choosing a project organization? On the price. If suddenly you are offered a price significantly lower than the market (by 30, 50% lower), then you need to understand that high-quality design services cannot cost very cheap, such a price may indicate savings on the number and qualifications of designers, the use of outdated software. At the same time, in a bona fide company, you will be provided with detailed estimates without any problems, so that you can understand which components make up the price.