The implementation of the regional program "House of the Far East" has entered an active phase

The House of the Far East is the flagship project of the Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Vladimirovich Degtyarev, which was initiated to stimulate the development of individual housing construction from local materials. The program was supported by Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. In October last year, the program was presented on the platform "BUILDING.HOUSE.RF".
Currently, the project has entered an active phase. All necessary agreements have been signed between the authorities of the Khabarovsk Territory and the participants of the program, developers engaged in individual housing construction have been accredited. To date, 10 regional developers are participating in the program, each of which offers its own variants of standard design solutions – potential buyers have something to choose from: a total of 25 standard solutions of various sizes and layouts from timber, brick, SIP panels, prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, etc. are offered.
The program has many advantages. For citizens who purchase a house under the "House of the Far East" program, support is provided – a regional preferential loan from VTB bank.
The timing of the construction of individual residential buildings is another advantage of participating in the program. It is expected that the construction period will be no more than 4 months.
If we talk about the price, then, as noted in the Ministry of Construction of the Khabarovsk Territory, developers participating in the program were immediately guided to ensure that the cost per square meter was comfortable for the purchase of housing with a mortgage.
To become the owner of your own house under the regional program "House of the Far East", you need to fill out an application on the website "BUILDING.HOUSE.RF", select a house project, if necessary, indicate that support is required - a preferential loan. Next, an agreement is concluded with the bank and with the developer.
For the convenience of buyers, the website calculates the cost of not only construction, but also connecting houses to the main networks - heating, electricity and water supply, as well as with already produced wastewater.
Over 20 applications have already been received. And, probably, their number will only grow.
- The trends of several years indicate a constant increase in the volume of individual housing construction in the region. For example, in 2021, 151.5 thousand square meters of individual housing were introduced in the Khabarovsk Territory, and in 2023 – already 273.4 thousand square meters. More and more people want to live in their own house, and since participation in the Far Eastern House program has a number of undeniable advantages, I think it will show good demand. The uniqueness of this program is also that it not only helps to solve the housing issue for citizens, but also stimulates the development of the construction industry in the region, the development of local enterprises producing building materials and components," said Nikita Bozhok, head of the Far Eastern Design Center.