Entrepreneurs of the Khabarovsk Territory will have their own square

The Far Eastern Project Center is actively working on the project documentation of the social responsibility and patronage entrepreneurs' square, which will appear in the central part of Khabarovsk on Kalinin Street, in the area of house No. 27. This is also part of the company's social burden – work on the project is carried out free of charge.
The idea of arranging such a square, which, on the one hand, would remind of the contribution of entrepreneurs to the development of the city, the region, and, on the other hand, would become another additional platform for comfortable recreation of citizens, came from the business community itself, first of all, from the Council for
entrepreneurship and improvement of the investment climate of the Khabarovsk Territory (this is the most authoritative and significant community of entrepreneurs in the region: today the Entrepreneurship Council includes 35 associations and associations – that's about 1,000 entrepreneurs). The square will be equipped at the expense of the business community.
- We are glad that we had the honor to work on the project of the entrepreneurs' square in Khabarovsk. It's great that an object will appear in the regional capital that will popularize entrepreneurship – local entrepreneurs definitely deserve to have such an object in their honor. The role of small and medium-sized businesses is only growing from year to year: this is the merit of the entrepreneurs themselves, their perseverance and entrepreneurial talent, but also the result of those measures to support business that are implemented by the regional authorities. In addition, the fact that another equipped public space will appear in the city center for the recreation of Khabarovsk residents and guests of the city is also great news.
The square will be decorated with a pedestal with its name, benches, containers for separate garbage collection will appear on its territory, lighting will be organized. The opening of the square will be timed to coincide with the 85th anniversary of the Khabarovsk Territory, now we are actively developing project documentation so that this important and iconic object for the business community will appear on the territory of the regional capital by the anniversary of the territory," Nikita Bozhok, General director of the Far Eastern Design Center, shared information.