Expert advice: where to start if you decide to establish and develop a business in the field of design

The construction industry, both in the country and in the Khabarovsk Territory, is on the rise – many construction projects have been announced: these are residential, industrial, and infrastructure facilities.
In this regard, many aspiring entrepreneurs decide to choose the field of design for doing business.
On the one hand, this is quite logical – after all, the growth in construction volumes will cause an increase in demand for the services of design organizations, on the other hand, conducting activities in this area requires certain skills and abilities.

Where to start and how to organize such a business correctly, commented Nikita Bozhok, General Director of the Far Eastern Project Center:
- The first thing to start with is to analyze the market in detail: which companies work on it, for how long, what are their competitive advantages, strengths and weaknesses. It only seems at first glance that everyone offers approximately the same services, in fact, this is not the case. Each company has its own specifics, its own approach to work. Someone specializes in the design of residential complexes, someone works in the field of low-rise construction, others are strong in infrastructure projects, etc. The complexity of the objects on which the company is focused may also vary: one company may specialize in standard projects, the other in those where non–standard solutions are needed. For example, our company is universal – we design objects of varying complexity and purpose.
The approach also differs: there are design organizations that are engaged in performing work only on design, and there are those who provide a wider range of services. The Far Eastern Project Center operates on the principle of "one window": we fully conduct the project, starting directly with the development and ending with the author's supervision.
When you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of enterprises in the market, it is better to overestimate competitors than to underestimate them. Yes, the demand for project services tends to grow, but competition is also growing, so in order to occupy your niche in the market, you need to be one of the best.
The next step is to think through the strategy of the company you plan to create as carefully as possible. You must understand what you will offer to your future customers, how your offer will differ from competitors. Perhaps it will be some kind of unique set of services, preferences for the client or something else.
Next – recruitment. This is a very important task. The people who will work in your company are the key to your success, so you need to select personnel very carefully. Experience, education, skill level, willingness to learn new things – everything is important here. But, having picked up the staff, you also need to figure out how to motivate them to good work results.
Of course, in order to organize a project company, many more tasks will need to be solved - it is impossible to tell everything in a small comment.
But I am sure that after reading it, it will become clear to many: doing business in the field of design is at the same time difficult, responsible, but, at the same time, interesting and creative work.