What design solutions are in demand in the low-rise construction market today: expert opinion

Today, both in the Khabarovsk Territory and in the country as a whole, along with the construction of apartment buildings, individual housing construction is actively developing.

A specialist from the Far Eastern Design Center told about which projects of individual residential buildings are on the market:
- Nowadays, more and more people, choosing between buying an apartment and their own house, make a choice in favor of a private house.
The easiest way is to get an individual house according to a standard project. As a rule, these are houses of a small area (up to 100 sq. m.), where a family of two or three people can comfortably accommodate.
Most often, such houses have two floors, including a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and one bathroom. Despite its rather modest size, in such a house you can take advantage of all the advantages of an individual private house. Another important advantage is the budget price. Those who strive for maximum savings usually choose individual houses in frame construction – with a relatively low cost of construction, they have proven themselves to be reliable and durable structures.
Houses with an attic can also be included in the category of typical budget solutions. In terms of area and functionality of the premises, they differ little from two-storey ones, but their construction is much cheaper.
It is slightly more expensive to build an individual house with a built–in garage - such projects are also in high demand, since such a solution allows you to distinguish between household and residential buildings, use the total area of the land more efficiently (which is especially important if its dimensions are small).
In general, it should be noted that over the past years there has been a huge leap in terms of increasing the variety of design solutions available on the market. The very concept of typical low-rise buildings has changed, especially in the western regions of the country (these trends have not yet reached the Far East en masse). For example, by visiting the website of a construction company in the section of standard solutions, you can find several dozen houses with different concepts, design and layout, each of which is designed in a certain style – and this is also included in the concept of "standard solutions" today. In addition, many companies offer the service of adjusting the selected project taking into account the wishes of the customer.
For those who want maximum convenience and personalization, the market offers a solution such as homestead. This is not just a country house, but a whole architectural ensemble made in a single style, which, in addition to the main building, includes outbuildings and auxiliary buildings. Such projects are most popular in the capital and southern regions of the country.
Returning to the Far Eastern market of design solutions, we believe that it will also move towards greater individualization of projects: both in terms of layout and design.