Modern software is one of the important components of the success of a project organization

We continue to talk about what factors most noticeably affect the results of the work of the project organization. In addition to the professional staff with sufficient experience and knowledge, the software used is of no small importance.

Despite the fact that the costs of purchasing and regularly updating these software tools can make up a serious share of the company's expenses, the Far Eastern Design Center is convinced that it is impossible to save on this: this is something that directly affects the design result, the accuracy of technical parameters (it is no secret that outdated software can give errors in calculations, which is unacceptable).

- We strive to keep abreast of all current trends in the design market: we design 2D and 3D models, create visualizations using BIM models. In our professional activities, we use Renga and Robur programs. By the way, these programs are the result of the work of domestic developers, very worthy products that allow you to design at a qualitatively high level. These are completely import–independent products, they comply with all regulatory and technical requirements established in the Russian Federation.

Last year, the Far Eastern Project Center received state accreditation as an organization operating in the field of information technology, information about this is contained in the relevant register. We believe that the creation of such a registry and the provision of certain preferences to enterprises from this registry is a good help, it gives an additional opportunity to use the most modern software, and, therefore, to provide its customers with the highest quality services. This is very important for the design industry. But if we talk about our company, we received this accreditation primarily in order to emphasize how important the use of advanced information technologies is in our professional activities," said Nikita Bozhok, head of the Far Eastern Project Center.