Wooden house construction in the Russian Federation

Expert opinion: prospects for the development of multi-storey wooden housing construction in the Russian Federation

The Far Eastern Design Center often receives requests with a request to comment on certain issues related to the field of design or construction.

One of the latest inquiries is about the prospects of multi–storey wooden housing construction in Russia.

Comments Nikita Bozhok, General Director of the Far Eastern Project Center:

- Indeed, today the topic of multi-storey construction made of wood is actively promoted and voiced at various events dedicated to the construction industry.

Among the main advantages of this type of buildings, first of all, they call a lower price and speed of construction of structures, compared with the construction of brick and concrete buildings.

A pilot project in the Vologda Region attracted great public attention, where the first multi–storey wooden houses in Russia were built - several four-storey buildings for employees of the Sokolsky Woodworking Plant
In my opinion, the main problem is that in Russia there is no tradition of building multi–storey buildings made of wood, in our mentality, wood is a material purely for one-, two-storey buildings, no more, therefore, it will take a lot of effort to dispel this stereotype. Also, a potential buyer will logically have a question about the strength of a wooden multi-storey structure, its thermal efficiency and fire safety.

Although, indeed, for example, in European countries, wooden CLT panels are quite actively used for the construction of multi-storey buildings and there are no noticeable problems with their operation, since modern technologies for the production and processing of wooden materials make it possible to ensure proper structural strength and fire safety.
Speaking about the development of multi-storey wooden housing construction in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to mention another deterrent factor: there is no legislative framework in Russia that would regulate the construction and operation of such buildings. Currently, the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation and other departments are working on the development of a regulatory framework for this type of construction. It is expected that by 2024, rules for the construction of residential buildings made of wood with a height of up to 12 floors will be developed.

Today, it is still difficult to predict what the growth rates of multi-storey wooden construction in the country will be, but I think these figures may differ markedly from region to region, the difference in price compared to the purchase of residential real estate from traditional materials and climatic conditions may have a noticeable impact here.

In any case, the team of the Far Eastern Project Center is ready for any, even the most complex and non-standard tasks. If we receive similar design orders in the future, we will be happy to work on such projects and, as usual, we will fulfill them at the highest technical and artistic level.