The Entrepreneurs' Square was inaugurated in Khabarovsk

The day before, the "Square of Entrepreneurs, Social Responsibility and Patronage" was inaugurated in the regional capital. The opening of the facility was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Khabarovsk Territory.

In the center of Khabarovsk on Kalinin Street, a well-maintained public space has appeared, including tiled paths, lanterns and benches, stands from which you can learn about famous industrialists and entrepreneurs who stood at the origins of the development of entrepreneurship in our region. Trees have already been planted in the park, and flowers will appear there by summer.
This project is an initiative of local entrepreneurs, which was implemented entirely at their expense, without budget funding. One of the initiators was the Khabarovsk Regional branch of OPORA RUSSIA. After this proposal was supported by the Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory M.V. Degtyarev, representatives of regional business actively joined in the implementation of the project. The Far Eastern Design Center took over the design of this facility, the work was carried out free of charge (this project is not the only one that was carried out within the framework of the company's social burden: the company was developing a project for the improvement of the 60th anniversary of the USSR square in Debaltseve, is working on the design of the military glory square, which will appear in the 64th separate Guards Motorized rifle brigade in the village of Knyazevolkonskoye in the Khabarovsk Territory).
As part of the opening ceremony of the square, which was attended by representatives of the regional authorities, thanks to the efforts of which this important urban object appeared, letters of thanks were handed over to entrepreneurs. Among them is Nikita Bozhok, head of the Far Eastern Project Center.

"The appearance of such an object is very important both from the point of view of the improvement of the city – after all, Khabarovsk has another place for residents and guests of the city to relax, and from the point of view of popularizing entrepreneurship, drawing attention to the merits and role of local business. The project was implemented in a short time – in six months, everything was done on schedule: it also shows that local entrepreneurship has a high level of self-organization and is actively involved in the implementation of social initiatives," said Nikita Bozhok, General Director of the Far Eastern Project Center.