The Eastern Economic Forum has ended in Vladivostok

From September 10 to 13, the Eastern Economic Forum was held in Vladivostok for the eighth time – without exaggeration, an international event with the participation of the President of the country, heads of major enterprises, corporations and government agencies, international delegations.
This event always attracts the attention of the leading domestic and world media, since strategic issues concerning the development of business and the economy of not only the Far East, but also the Russian Federation are discussed within the framework of this forum.

Nikita Bozhok, General Director of the Far Eastern Project Center, told about his impressions of participating in the forum:
- I think the WEF is a unique platform that allows you to communicate and establish contacts with representatives of large businesses, both domestic and foreign. In addition, it is an opportunity to learn about the further development strategy of the Far East, planned projects, changes for business entities, and participate in the discussion of these issues.
The Eastern Economic Forum is also an indicator of the attention that is being paid today to the development of the Far Eastern territories of our Homeland. The Far East is one of the main priorities of state policy, it is becoming a center of attraction for investments, ideas, and innovations. All conditions have been created for this today, it is important to use these opportunities to launch and implement new projects, accelerate the development of the region, improve the lives of people here, where we were born and live.
And all this is possible thanks to the position and attention to the region of our President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who sees places in the cities of the Far East for multidisciplinary comprehensive development. It really inspires and gives strength to set ambitious goals, to reach new heights.
If we talk about the results of participation in the WEF for our company, they are very fruitful. We held a number of productive meetings and negotiations, including with potential partners from abroad, for example, with representatives of the Chinese side.
But still, I think the main result of participating in the forum is an opportunity to get the right attitude, to experience a sense of unity, patriotism, pride for our region and Russia, because despite all the twists and turns, sanctions, actions of unfriendly countries, the last forum showed that interest in the Russian Far East is huge, both on the part of the authorities, and on the part of domestic and foreign businesses.